Did you know?


Your softness, it’s your fire

can’t you see?

The way you cry with the weight of a day,

the way you wonder if you’re brave enough for tomorrow,

the way all the questions pile with no answers

You walk a fragile line without knowing the way of it,

do you know this is courage?

I see you dripping with questions

yet gasping at the color of the redbud in spring,

do you know this is bravery?

You scratch at paper and wonder where you belong,

but certainty is not the only way home,

there is also mystery

I see you cry as time tears gaping holes right through your heart,

but you keep growing tall, and fragrant, and wild with magic.

Look how you shine now!

You and your velvet soft eyes looking at the day,

this is courage too

Tell Me


Tell me

Do you know the way to love all the way through

without cracking wide open?

Can you show me the way a life does its best looking?

Which eyes do I use?

And how in the world does one stand wide enough to feel ones

soul without also feeling the howling wilderness it carries?

But this too, is ok

The deep wild, and the deep quiet living in the same meadow

The birth and rebirth of a heart

Of a day

Of a deep longing

I can stand quiet in the middle, and listen

Ways of You


It’s perhaps the quietly wild ways of you that I love the most

The way the hackberry bark has mountains and valleys of its own

The way the small doe in the meadow looks right at and through me

with soft, ebony eyes

The way the bluebird flashes heaven with impossible blue

The way the tulip poplar leaves breathe in waves and quivers,

while maple’s rise and fall

Your ways are never exactly the same and finally my own wild is fed

with full doses of your own

You are intoxicating with your impossibly possible ways